Human • Water Interface • Danger Alerts

AI Systems For Smart Detection of Adverse Situations In Water Before They Escalate

Revolutionize Ocean Rescue With Technology

SightBit is an AI powered solution for prediction and prevention across all scenarios of Human-Water Interface dangers.

The core system of SightBit is based on deep-learning computer-vision technology which transmits real-time information to monitors in various control rooms, sounding an alarm when people are in danger and gives alert when a system or structure is likely to fail.

Anywhere People Meet Water – Potential Risk Exists


leading cause of accidental death worldwide are water accidents


incidents in water annually


related to lack of supervision

Our Solution

AI Lifeguard

Instant response given by AI driven alerts


Safety And Guarding

Remote monitoring using computer vision



Saving lives using AI supported technology


Smart Cities

Generating alerts by constant remote monitoring


Targeted Autonomous Devices

Real-time inputs enable search and rescue operations


Why Choose SightBit?

We have an easy-to-integrate AI model and have a simple dashboard for users to retrieve their data.

Easy to Deploy

Real-Time Alerts

User Friendly

Simple and Adaptable

Cost Effective

Easily Scalable

Robust System

What Clients Say

USA Flag

Marine Safety Lieutenant


“The next big innovation will give us more data on swimmers.”

Israel Flag

Zion Sade

Senior Coastal Safety Advisor

“As someone who worked for many years as a lifeguard, I can emphatically say that the SightBit System will help a lot in controlling the rescue space and create a revolution in the field of rescue.”

USA Flag

Marine Safety Lieutenant

North Carolina

“We need innovation. We’re using 20th century methods to prevent drowning.” 

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