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Drowning is a global health crisis. The third leading cause of accidental death worldwide, drowning claims the lives of 370,000 people every year.

Lifeguards reduce the risk of drowning, but they are an imperfect solution. No lifeguard can monitor all swimmers and hazards simultaneously. Lifeguards are also expensive, leaving many beaches under-monitored.

With Sightbit, a lifeguard can guard all swimmers simultaneously and instantly identify dozens of hazards, such as rip currents or children swimming solo.

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Sightbit is a global development project that harnesses advances in AI and image recognition technology to prevent drowning and save lives. For more details, we invite you to follow us or contact us via email.

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Sightbit vision intelligence technology provides lifeguards with a current picture of swimmer whereabouts and real-time data on changing winds, waves, and hazards.

Before Sightbit, lifeguards relied on eyesight and binoculars to spot and rescue swimmers. Now, Sightbit instantly alerts lifeguards of threats, allowing them to begin rapid rescue or prevent dangerous situations from escalating.

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Cost Savings

Up to 40% savings, all while improving swimmer safety

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More guarded beach without cost increases

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Leverage the power of AI for smarter beach management

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