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Q: What are the system's advantages?
A: With SightBit's system, each camera covers up to 300 meters width and up to 1 kilometer depth. The system constantly monitors every occurrence in the water and its surroundings in order to assist manpower in early detection and tracking.

Q: What sensors or specific hardware does the system require?

A: The system only requires video cameras and an internet connection in order to work. There are no specific hardware instructions, as the system is camera agnostic.

Q: How much time does it take to install the system on a new site?

A: The system does not require any special installation process. Once the cameras are installed and the connectivity is established, the system is ready to plug and play.

Q: What specific demands does your system have?

A: The system requires an RTSP transmission protocol in order to perform its analysis.

Q: Can your system work on river banks as well?

A: Definitely yes! SightBit's system can provide accurate insights in any open water site.

Q: How do I get notifications from the system?

A: The system provides audio and visual alerts on its dashboard, as well as sends SMS/Whatsapp text messages to relevant personnel. The system can also automatically activate speakers and spotlights, to assist personnel with immediate identification of occurrences and their whereabouts.

Q: Can I use your system to secure a harbor?

A: Definitely yes! SightBit's system can be used to secure sensitive sites as well as civilian sites, utilizing its 24/7 detection and tracking capabilities.


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