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No, it is not necessary to install special cameras. Our system can integrate with off-the-shelf cameras. Camera selection varies depending on site needs. Cameras may be mounted on stationary stands, drones, or vehicles.

All objects are anonymous to the SightBit system. SightBit does not violate the use of facial recognition software or classify individuals by race, religion, or gender. There are no regulations that prohibit the deployment of SightBit technology.

Yes, SightBit works with distributors from a large number of countries. If you want to check who the distributor is in your country, please send an email  to

SightBit offers software-only subscriptions, in which SightBit provides the processing unit and software. We prefer to provide our system with cloud computing resources.

Costs are for one system (camera), monitoring 100 meters. The final price will be determined by the number of cameras.

Reach out to for further clarification.

There are several options to ensure that your cameras are compatible with the SightBit system. The first option is to send a short video from the camera to

Another option is to send an image from the camera and the specifications of the camera to the above mentioned email.