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Sightbit In The Press

Nas Daily

These guys are fixing Drowning! After encountering death by drowning, Adam sought out to make sure this never happens again. The result? An AI technology for drowning-prevention and beach monitoring.


Israel’s AI lifeguard set to save swimmers on UAE beaches.


The only drowning-prevention technology that can help monitor all beaches.


The AI of the Water: SightBit brings lifeguarding into the 21st century and revolutionizes water monitoring with AI and Computer Vision. 


SightBit is being used for the first time in the UAE to enhance beach safety.

Israel Hayom

Upon the opening of the 2023 season in Israel, most beaches are unmanned and only one technology can provide assistance with that..


Where The Possibilities Are Endless: Can An AI Lifeguard Make Beaches Safer..

Jeruselam Post

Wildfire Detection System, AI-based Flooding Monitor Win Israeli Environmental Prize..


People Fixing the World: How To Stop People Drowning..


The Next Wave Is Coming

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