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Working With the Best Partners
cactus capital

Cactus Capital

Israel's first student-run venture capital fund. By Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.



BGN Technologies is the technology company of Ben-Gurion University, bringing technological innovation from lab to market and fostering entrepreneurship among researchers and students.



InNegev is a unique technology incubator dedicated to fostering top-tier Israeli innovation and generating a vibrant new growth model for the Negev region.

The Yu innovation

The YU Innovation Lab



Reef T.R,F

Reef T.R.H

YU Innovation Lab fuels a borderless NYC-based ecosystem via a unique model - business accelerator within the academy.

A Living Lab for People, Local Governments, Corporates and Entrepreneurs, to advance solutions that address urban challenges. Shaping Better Cities for Tomorrow.

Reef TRH is a dynamic and innovative consulting agency specializing in providing comprehensive services to start-ups and small businesses.

apex agility

Apex Agility is the spearheading force of integration and education in the field of AI, empowering businesses with AI insights and strategies, through consulting services and transformative sessions that enable businesses to integrate AI to their work routine and boost performance and profitability. 


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