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Detection of Human

Sightbit is an AI management system for drowning-prevention and data-powered water management. Sightbit software analyzes video feed from waterfront cameras to detect and alert to risks, hazards, crowding, etc., in order to protect human lives in all water environments. SightBit’s system specializes in reading the water.SightBit is a software company, thus it requires no purchasing and installation of special equipment. SightBit’s system can interface with any simple, off-the-shelf video camera. For its use to be successful, all the SightBit system requires is a video feed from cameras facing the water


SightBit provides a comprehensive solution for beach management and safety. Using Deep Learning and Computer Vision, SightBit's system equips beach agencies with drowning-prevention technology. SightBit interfaces with the existing infrastructure of video cameras installed on the beach and analyzes their video feed to provide reliable insights in real-time and predictions based on aggregated data. SightBit provides system admins with full control over their site, so that they can allocate users and determine which actions each user can perform in the system. The system can also integrate into other systems, in order to assist management and field teams to maintain existing workflows and habits

For Beaches


Against Pollution 

SightBit provides local and national governments, industrial factories, NGOs, and other stakeholders the detection capabilities needed to assure open water resources remain clean and the ecosystems living in them are protected. SightBit's detection capabilities immediately identify any pollutive spill into open water, including its source and future spread. Utilizing its detection capabilities, SightBit provides another crucial layer of protection to the maritime environment, enabling authorities to handle events of pollution spills, as well as prevent them from recurring.

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